Sunday, September 21, 2008


Wow - it's been more than a month since I lasted posted. We have all been very busy, of course.

Greg is enjoying his new job - it is a nice change to be able to focus on teaching rather than administration. He loves the traditions of this new school. Currently, he is on camp in Fraser Island with about 40 Yr 9 and 10 students. It is going well in lots of respects but the other staff seem to be very laissez faire about their responsibilities! Zoe and I are looking forward to meeting him in Noosa on Monday after he has been away for 9 days.

We have had a lovely time while he has been gone (although we have missed him). We went to Mt Buller earlier in the week and had the most amazing weather - blizzards a fresh snow, so we were skiing on powder on Tuesday. Imagine that in September!

We have also been working hard - Zoe is enjoying preparing for the school's production of Aladdin (we had a sneak preview on Thursday night and it was great). She also continues with ballet, flute and piano. She has recently finished "Peter and the Starcatchers" which she said was quite good but needed to be trimmed - it went on far too long in sections. She is now reading another in Muchamore's Cherubs Series, which she loves.

I have read the wonderful "The Uncommon Reader" which put me onto Nancy Mitford's "Love in a Cold Climate" - what fun! Loved it! Now, onto another Dalziel and Pascoe novel - "Pictures of Perfection".

I organised the UNIFEM Spring Walk for our Student Council, which went very well, and an Art Competition, so I feel like I have been very productive with work. My Year 12 class has completed the course and are now into the revision process - I hope they manage to do well.

We are looking forward to a visit from an old Canadian friend in early October, Linda. More about that when I next post on this blog.