Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ski Camp

I had a wonderful five days on ski camp last week. We take all of the Yr 9 girls to Mt Buller, staying in Mansfield. The girls rotate through cross country, downhill and snowboard over three days. Some of them have never seen snow before, while others ski frequently, so we try to put them in groups of matching ability. It's usually great fun. This year's group were terrific - almost all making a real effort to learn and to encourage each other. We had to send four girls home early, with minor injuries (pre-existing mainly) and one unwell. The rest of the group were delightful - we really are blessed with our Yr 9s. They were always cooperative, polite, considerate and cheerful. Amazing because they get very tired.

On the Thursday there was a karaoke night, and all the guests at the resort were welcome. There were three schools altogether. Of course, our girls, although the youngest group, were the first to get up and sing. A number of them are talented performers. Once they started, then everyone joined in and it was a really fun night. My colleague, Kate, and I even got up and sang - very badly!

As teachers, we spent most of the time helping the beginners, we did manage to get a few good runs in. I love skiing! Can't wait to go again this season.

I finished "When Will There Be Good News" by Kate Atkinson. She is such a wonderful writer. I love novels where the characters' stories weave around each other and connect and disconnect. Atkinson is a master of this genre. While in Mansfield, I bought Stieg Larsson's "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" on the recommendation of a friend (Kristina - the long lost Swedish friend, found again!). I am looking forward to reading it but have started Geraldine Brook's "The People of the Book" as it was next in the pile (and I love her writing too - particularly "Year of Wonders"). So many books, so little time!

Just before ski camp, I held an afternoon tea - Books and Bubbly - for my colleagues. There were 6 of us who spent a very pleasant afternoon drinking champagne and talking about the books we have been reading and books we love. It was delightful. I will have to make arrangements for another one.

Also excited about being involved in Young UNIFEM here in Melbourne. We are planning a Spring Fling (just for adults) and I intend to get my student council involved in other projects. The student council already runs a Spring Walk to raise awareness of UNIFEM; it would be great if we can extend that work to include other schools.

Mostly I am excited about finding some old friends on Facebook. It's taken me a while to get on board with Facebook but already I have had such wonderful rewards!