Monday, December 31, 2007

As you can see, this is our first post. We want to use this blog to record what we are reading, making, seeing and doing.

It is New Year's Eve and the temperature is heading towards 42 degrees celsius. We are trying to stay cool! We think we will head to the dity to see the fireworks tonight.

I have just finished reading Anne Bronte's "Tenant of Wildfell Hall" and Kerry Greenwood's "A Question of Death". Bronte's novel is wonderful - an exploration of the position of women in 1827, their roles in society and their rights in marriage (or lack of!). It is fascinating but needed better editing. At one stage, a character rips some pages from a journal and gives them to another character to read. The reprinting of these journal pages goes on for about 200 pages! Also, I can't really see why Helen Huntingdon would fall in love with Gilbert Markham. After hitting her brother over the head and leaving him in a ditch, has he proven himself to be any more worthy of her than the disgusting Huntingdon?

The Greenwood, by contrast, is a lovely bit of light holiday reading. It is comprised of short stories featuring the wonderful Phryne Fisher. If you love to read about the adventures of a charming, intelligent, stylish and witty female detective, or historical fiction set in Melbourne in the 1920's, this it the series for you. Start with "Cocaine Blues". Loved "Muder on the Ballarat Train" and "Death Before Wicket". This most recent book has a character with my brother's name - see if you can find it.

Greg is reading "Strange Blooms" by Jennifer Potter. He says it is fascinating but overly detailed. He says he will continue to plough through.

Zoe is currently reading "The Austere Academy" by Lemony Snickett. She has just finished "Frognapped" by Angie Sage. Last night, I finished reading "The Castle of Mirrors" by Jenny Nimmo, the foruth in the Charlie Bone series. We loved it! It's a magical, mystery novel with great characters. Can't wait to start the next one. Wonder if Dymocks has it.

Went to see "Atonement" last night. Excellent! I read the novel a few weeks ago and thought it was a brilliant exploration of how life cna hinge on a decision, and the result of a very foolish girl's interpretation of something she has seen. The film is an excellent adaptation of the novel, with brilliant acting and gorgeous photography. The country house is beautiful and the scene on the beach in France is profoundly moving. You will remember this film!

Explored some of Melbourne's laneways on Thursday. Found all sorts of interesting shops and cafes. I am trying to load a slideshow onto this blog. We'll see how it goes.


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