Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Pointes and Presents

More excitement at Littlecote! Zoe's ballet teacher wants her, along with two other girls, to go "en pointe" so that they can prepare for an audition with the Kiev Ballet. Zoe is naturally delighted as it takes a lot of training to go en pointe and this indicates that the ballet teacher thinks she is progressing very well.

So, most of Saturday was spent driving around Melbourne trying to find a shop that sold pointe shoes in her size, and where the shop assistant knew how to fit her properly. Not just anyone would do, according to the ballet teacher! After several hours, visits to three shops, and over $100 later we have the shoes!

Since getting them, Zoe has hardly been off them. Luckily she is still on cloud nine, so the pain has not set in yet!

Zoe also went to her friend, Jaz's, birthday party on Sunday. As a gift, she made a really cute sit-upon, and another for her friend, Bella, who celebrates her birthday next week.

She's a bit of a star all round, really.

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Ann O'Dyne said...

"Everything is beautiful at the ballet"
- that's a line from A Chorus Line, the musical.

Last night I saw the Kiev's Swan Lake at Her Majesty's in Ballarat.

The stage was much too small and the dancers must have been furious, but they worked hard to overcome crashing into each other.

The white swan did not die at the end, the black swan had his wings ripped off instead.

Pretty funny in Ballarat with a dry lake bed and not a black swan in the place.

PS: Poor Zoe having her audition go the wrong way.
The Kievs seem to be alternating SwLake with Sleeping Beauty and my friend who drove here from Balwyn to see it with me said her local paper mentioned young Camberwell dancers had got in.
Their parents are now driving them allover the place for performances - lucky you!

Gaynor Minden pointe shoes has an interesting website if you can be bothered googling for it.
Her US$95 toeshoes have pink suede under the pointe for wear and tear.

best wishes,