Thursday, April 23, 2009

Connection Woes

We have had more connection woes since we had a power shortage at home that lasted for all of about 5 minutes. A power shortage means that we then lose our connection to the internet for anything from 3 days to .... So far, it's been ten days! So I am completing this blog at work in between parent/teacher interviews. Ha! A very efficient use of time!

(The plane - a tiny one!)

We had such a delightful term break of two weeks. In the few days before Easter we flew to Canberra and stayed at our favourite hotel - the Canberra Hyatt. This is the most delightfully restful and lovely hotel, with gorgeous shaded verandahs, tennis courts, a swimming pool, buffet breakfast, lounge for coffee and pre-dinner drinks. We also love Canberra for its wonderful galleries, museums and fascinating parliament house. This time, Zoe was able to take a friend, so she invited the charming Bella to come with us. The two of them had a great time together.

(Fish and chips for lunch by Lake Burley Griffin)

(Outside Questacon with Einstein)

(Outside Questacon, demonstrating a little flexibility!)

We visited Parliament House, played tennis, visited the galleries, the library and Questacon, and had great fun bike-riding around the lake. The weather was perfect autumn days - sunny and warm. Bliss!

(Our wonderful four-wheelers)

(On the way to the pool)

(At Parliament House)

For Easter, we visited Rob, Mandy, Bailey and Wil at the beach house, and Amanda, Fraser and Sophie at their new house. We took my cousin's daughters, Kate and Emma, to see 17 Again, and Zoe had a birthday celebration with her friends to see The Pink Panther 2.


We all read: I finished "The White Tiger" and "Asking for the Moon". Greg read "The Passion" again and has begun "Ransom" by Malouf. Zoe finished another Muchamore book, Alison Lester's "The Quicksand Pony" and is almost finished Paulsen's "Hatchet". We also finished "Little Women" and "Good Wives".

In the second week of the holidays, Mum, Zoe and I travelled to Warburton to the Patchwork Teahouse, where we met Aunty Lorrie for lunch. We then spent rather a lot of money on fabrics and patterns but have enjoyed working on the projects. Zoe and I are particularly proud of "Hippy Jo"!

Zoe and I have been trying to do a bit of running, training for the 4 km Mothers' Day Classic. We have done a couple of training runs on the Tan and Zoe is now doing a great non-stop 4 km.

Apart from the internet problems, it's all been delightful!

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