Sunday, March 2, 2008

Tick, tick, tick!

Not the ticking of a bomb but the ticking of a pen, the ticking off of a list, or the ticking of a clock. That's what's been happening at Littlecote this week.

Tick - Zoe has finished "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone". She was reading at all hours, engrossed in the story, and we rented the DVD to compare the novel and the film. Now she's onto another of the Royal Diaries - this one is about Anastasia of Russia.

Tick - Zoe has bought herself an 8Gb iPod Nano. She has been saving her pocket money, gift money and the money she has earnt helping at the market, and has finally saved enough! She has bought a lovely green one, and named it Minty. She is very proud of herself. Now that we finally have a replacement for Greg's faulty one (no thanks to Dick Smith Electronics, but thanks to Jedda at Streetwise), we spent a couple of hours today getting them both up to speed with iTunes and iPod management.

Tick - tick, tick and more ticks. Greg has spent the day marking English essays. He's pleased with how his Year 12 class is progressing.

Tick - I have finished the cardigan/jacket for Zoe. I am delighted with how it has turned out. Zoe loves it although she says it feels heavy, but then we are still experiencing very warm weather so we're not used to the heavy layers of winter. The cardigan is so soft and looks lovely on her. I think I want one for myself!

Tick - I am all packed for the Year 8 camp. I've prepared my lessons, telephoned parents who needed to be contacted about their daughters' progress, arranged conferences and breakfasts, organised the week for Greg and Zoe. But I haven't contacted friends and family as I had intended this weekend. I must prioritise!

Well, that must be a ticking off!

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