Sunday, June 22, 2008


No photos today - but I had to write that I completed my fourth half-marathon this morning. It was a hilly course around Melbourne, and in drizzling rain, but beautiful. Along Southbank, around the Tan, the MCG, Fitzroy Gardens, and then the same again. There was a lovely sense of comaradarie too, and with my iPod on my favourite running tracks, I nearly burst into song a couple of times.

However, I have been suffering dreadful gastro for the last couple of hours. I think it's from the meal I ate last night. My whole family met at a bistro in Ringwood to celebrate my eldest nephew, Cam's, 17th birthday. I won't recommend the Moroccan Lamb. It was a great night otherwise.

There is no good news for Louise and Gavin. He has detriorated and they thought he had only a few hours on Thursday night. He is being moved to palliative care in a hospital closer to home today. Louise and the girls are holding up surprisingly well. We are all rostered on to provide a meal for the next four Wednesday nights.

This is Greg's last week at Blackburn High - it is tempered with stress, excitement, and sadness. Like life.

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