Friday, January 30, 2009

Last Day

(Audience participation in Year 8 Opera.)

This is our last day at Chelmsford. What a wonderful exchange it has been!

I gave my second presentation at assembly this morning and, although it was a little rushed, I was quite happy with how it went. The girls were full of compliments. They are all wanting to come to my school on exchange now. I'll have to see what can be arranged when I get home.

(Year 8 Opera Performance)

It seems that the time has passed very quickly and Zoe and I have experienced so much. We really have felt very welcomed and quite comfortable. The people we have met and worked with have been very supportive and encouraging.

Today I had the pleasure of talking with the Year 10 and Year 11 prefects. It was interesting to hear of the variety of activities they organise, and the enthusiasm they have for their positions. They include everything from History Prefect, to Library Prefect, Dance Prefect and Maths Prefect. They organise displays, competitions, performances and study groups. Very impressive!

Zoe's friends have told me that they are very sad to see her go, and I know that she feels that she has made some lifelong friendships. I also will be sad to say goodbye to Peter, Rosemary and the wonderful Tara. I hope that we will all keep in touch and that our paths will cross again.

(Zoe's class)

This afternoon, we travel with Peter back to London then we will catch a taxi to Heathrow in the morning. The long flight home lies ahead of us. Hopefully, the heatwave will have ended by the time we arrive. The shock to the system would be enormous otherwise!

Looking foreward to seeing Greg and my Mum and Dad and friends.

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