Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Zoe and I continue to enjoy our visit to Chelmsford Girls' School. It is a dynamic place to be, and the girls are enthusiastic and responsive.

Zoe had a wonderful time with her host family, Anoushka, Rainy and Rajiv. They went ice-skating on Thursday afternoon, and had more of their classmates over for a party on Friday evening. She was made to feel so welcome and looked after with such kindness and consideration. Anoushka lives in a lovely house in Shenfield, about 30 minutes from Chelmsford. The girls had to catch the train to and from school, so that was an adventure for Zoe in itself.

I have been able to observe more classes, and also to interview some of the girls about special programs that they are involved with. One memorable interview was with four of the outgoing senior prefects. They told ma great deal about the sort so fco-curricular programs that are initiated and run by the students. They even have homework clubs!

I had to give the first of my two presentations in assembly today. I had been very nervous in the lead up to beginning, but once i got started I was able to relax and feel comfortable. The girls responded very well, and many of the teachers and students have complimented me on how it went. Although I went over time, I have been told not to cut it for the next assembly as the "powers that be" thought that it was worthwhile in its entirety! I'll try to trim it a bit, nevertheless. Zoe was there, and she seemed to think it was "pretty good", so that's praise I can accept!

This afternoon, I visited a local primary school with a small group of Yr 9 girls on Music Outreach. The girls did a great job, playing musical games with the Grade 2 and 3 students. The Outreach program is a really interesting and valuable one.

Zoe and I are now staying with Rosemary, her husband Robert and son George. They live about 30 minutes north east of Chelmsford in Maldon, which is on the estuary. We went for a lovely walk along this waterway last night, and through the town. We stopped at a pub for a drink before heading home. We had an interesting and relaxing time.

Now I will have to turn my mind to the report I will need to give when I get back to my school. And to teaching on Monday!

Zoe and I miss Greg very much. It is great that we have the convenience of email to keep in touch.

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