Sunday, January 6, 2008

Exhibition and Ballet

It's been a couple of days since I lasted posted anything - it's been so hot, and we have been doing things to try to keep cool.

Zoe continues to attend the Australian Ballet Summer School program - and she loves it.

We all went to see "The Golden Compass" on Saturday. Zoe and I really enjoyed it, but Greg wasn't so keen. He loved the costumes and settings but wasn't convinced by Nicole Kidman. He isn't into fantasy, so it wasn't really his type of movie. The girl who plays Lyra, Dakota Blue, is fantastic. I also loved the settings - the scenes of Oxford and the snowy North are gorgeous. The wonderful modes of transport, the flying machines, boats and bears, are fabulous. I read the book about a year ago, so knew the story and what to expect. I thought the entire cast did a great job - lots of familiar actors, too.

I saw "I am Legend" with friends, Christina, Marina and Cheryl, on Friday night. It made me afraid to go out in the dark afterwards! I missed a lot of the dialogue due to my poor hearing, but it was an interesting premise, and great shots of a deserted New York. Will Smith is great - good to look at and works well with the role. Wish I could do chin-ups like he does!

And Christina is pregnant - how exciting! Due in mid-June so I'll have to plan what to make.

I have been doing some sewing. I made a Harry Potter peg apron for Leonie's fiance, Tom. He wanted manly fabric, so hopefully Harry will fit the bill. I am attaching a photo of Greg modelling its useful features. I have also made a dressing gown, or house coat. Years ago I found a house coat belonging to my Nana in the cupboard at home. Why it was there after she had died so long before I don't know. It was a lovely navy one with pink flowers, trim and buttons. This one isn't the same but it has echoes of my Nana's.

I finished the autobiography, "In my Skin" by Kate Holden. It is a must-read. She slid into heroin addiction and then prostitution in such a way that it makes you realise this could happen to anyone. Her family struggles with the terror, shock and shame of her addiction and lifestyle. She tells her story in a very matter of fact way - she experiences both good and bad, frightening and brutal, and tender and loving. Throughout it all is the pull and torment of addiction. Interestingly, it is through her job as a prostitute that she regains the dignity that inspires her to ditch the herion habit and return to a more regular lifestyle. She does state that her prostitution experiences are the opposite of the normal trajectory, where a girl might start in the high class brothels then descend to the street, whereas Kate went from the street to a high class brothel. Certainly, a life to be avoided. Kate Holden is a great writer - I love her column in The Age.

Greg is now reading "The Great Gatsby" by F Scott Fitzgerald, and I have started "One Good Turn" by Kate Atkinson.

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