Thursday, January 10, 2008


Since our last post, Greg and I have been very productive!

On Monday, I visited a fantastic fabric shop in the city while Zoe was at her last day of ballet school. It's Cleg's and what makes it fantastic is the great sale and the wonderful sales assistants. The lovely lady who helped me gave me advice on choosing fabrics, and helped me match colours and find some great bargains. I bought a pile of fabrics and a few patterns. Since then, I have made a gorgeous shirt with puffed sleeves, a pair of shorts and a camisole and skirt. I also finished a white jacket that I had begun the previous week. I think it looks pretty good!

In spite of the heat, Greg has been working very hard in the garden. He knocked down our old shed and, with the help of Dad and his trailor, carted it all away to the tip. He has been levelling the ground ready for some concreting, and weeding and moving pot-plants. It's looking really wonderful out there, if you ignore the drought-inflicted lawn!

Zoe is at her friend, Bella's, beach house for three nights - her first extended sleep over. Hopefully, she is having a great time swimming and mucking around. One of their plans was to make things for a stall to be held outside the front gate. That should be fun!

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